Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On Farm Food Safety

Why should such a program be controversial?
What is happening to agriculture worldwide? The small landholdings that once produced the majority of our food are disappearing sold to form larger land bases owned by corporations or individuals. This results in an erosion of our rural population. Fully integrated multinational corporations are taking control of our food production controlling it from the “ field to the plate.” Large factory farms raising genetically identical animals selected for optimum financial returns (poultry, swine and beef) and genetically modified crops are common. Are these multinational corporations following the Farm safety protocols that a small producer is expected to abide by?

Another controversial issue is who will pay for these programs?
“Producer participation in on-farm food safety programs contributes to the public good. However,the market is not providing any extra return to producers, despite their making long-termcommitments and taking on extra costs to implement and maintain these programs.” The small producers do not set the price for their products this is set by the buyer whether it be a packing plant, a food processing plant or a commodities buyer. In terms of large factory farms the farmer that manages these farms basically works for the company that owns the animals and the land. Sheep and goat industry in Canada and the United States is not large enough to attract these multinationals interested in controlling world's production of food. Yet the producers unless "Farm Gating” still has little control over the price they are receiving for their products. Government subsidies, marketing groups and product demand will influence what compensation the producer receives.
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Goats will eat everything!

Those who love goats know that this is a myth. Altough when they eat your garden or wreak havoic with your flowers you might think that they will eat every thing. All this demonstrates is that they find nutrients in a wide variety of plants, grasses and shrubs. This diversity and their small size allows them to adapt to many regions of the world. At this site I will discuss nutrition and your goats.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Holistic Solutions

I would like to devote this to holistic recommendations you as goat producers have tried and believe to be sucessful. If you can present the evidence of success and let us explore the science behind these treatments.We will try to answer the question "Are these fact or fiction?"

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Who will feed the world?

Are small land holdings where food is organically produced, too far a reach? Are the Multinational Agribusinesses the real answer?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Where can I purchase the Goat Production Manual?

The Goat Production Manual, Second Edition, is available online through Amazon; iUniverse Book Store; and Barnes and Noble or you can contact me directly at petvets at